Structural Garden Ironwork


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Structural Garden Ironwork

Steel Rose Arches

Our Traditional Structural Garden Ironwork are permanent features within your garden and wider landscape, these can be supplied for your own teams to install or more often by our own skilled installers. Our solid steel rose arches are constructed loose, so can easily form elegant curves,  drop down a gentle slope or set of steps. We would recommend that these larger more permanent features warrant a site visit to ensure that you get the very best product for your location.

Steel Fruit Cages

The Traditional Company also manufacture steel fruit cages. These can range from simple cuboid cages to larger grander structures.


Raised Steel Beds

Our raised steel beds can be manufactured from corten or mild steel. They are internally braced so have none of the creeping that you will be familiar with from wooden raised beds. They can be fitted to form new steel raised beds or to replace rotten sleepered raised beds. We normally leave the steel to weather naturally, this takes around 6 months to fully colour. Our steel beds can be delivered on a supply only basis, for self assembly. The kit comes with all pins and locking mechanisms to allow simple assembly. These raised steel beds would be delivered by a Palletline service

Steel Garden Steps

Within a garden landscape steps form an easy way of negotiating different levels without the need for continuous slopes. Our steel steps frame a change of height in a very natural , less structured way to other materials.  The solid steel steps can be made to any size and are often left to weather naturally.  This forms a very cost effective way of making a significant feature without the cost of 'full on' hard landscaping. Infills between the steps should be dictated by the level of useage,  low footfall steps can be grass with heavier useage can be aggregate and gravel.

Metal Pergolas

These are a wonderful addition to any property allowing alfresco dining during the heat of the summer. Growing vines or other creepers provides a green barrier between you and the mid day sun.Pergolas provide a permanent feature unlike Parasols which are often too flimsy and can be prone to damage by wind, 

Steel Pleaching Posts

A very traditional form of training fruit and other trees to form ‘walls’ within a garden. Our solid steel pleaching posts create a real feature , they will last for decades and can be adorned with finials to add extra detail, this gives an instant structure within the garden whilst the trees . plants get on wit growing ! We are able to supply and install whole pleaching systems for Vineyards and fruit trees.

Steel Bridges

Our bespoke single span footbridges can be made in a variety of designs. With spans of up to 10 metres wide they can be engineered to take a range of small vehicles including quad bikes and gators. Our footbridges create an elegant feature within the garden allowing access to previously inaccessible areas.. We are also able to incorporate gates and traditional estate fencing for added security.

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